"Dogs Do Go To Heaven!"

What Happens to Our Pets After They Die?

As a professional dog trainer and animal behavior specialist, I consult with numerous people who bring in their new dog for the first time.  We often end up talking about another dog from before, and frequently the tears begin to roll down their cheeks.  Some feel guilty that even the death of a parent or loved one was not as traumatic as the loss of that dog. 

I had that kind of deep love for my first dog, Erikka.  So I looked for jobs where I could take Erikka with me – ultimately leading me to a career in dog training.

As you come to know Erikka in this true story, you will be able to embrace the gift she left behind as she communicated to me from her deathbed:  Dogs Do Go To Heaven!

But the story doesn’t end there…

Humbled during Erikka’s passing, pleading to the heavens above, I heard a voice that day.  It said, “SHE WILL BE REPLACED WITH SOMETHING MUCH GREATER.”

I am sharing intimate intimate details of my personal life so that you can accompany me on my quest to discover what could possibly be “GREATER.”

I couldn’t keep it to myself.  This story is meant to be shared. 

It is a rare joy when you cannot put a book down and it leaves you so incredibly moved and motivated at it’s finish. Karyn Garvin has bared her soul and spirit, allowed us to touch the heart of her bond with her first dog Erika and gifted us with her path of humanness and faith that makes her who she is today. She validates my love of animals, my challenge to always work to be the best human I can be….to continue to seek and live my purpose and most important, keeping the faith. Thank you Karyn,
for through your story you make me know how I can be a better person.

Kory Kogon

Leadership & Business Results Consultant

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