If someone were to have asked me,
"What would you most like to accomplish before you die?"

My answer would have been to share this story!



Debbie Allen, International Speaker & Marketing Mentor

"I loved this book! It shares the real life journey of an amazing woman who has the courage to be open about her life and those who shaped it. Karyn Garvin shares her heart-felt story with humor, honesty and joy. It's a must read!"

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"It is a rare joy when you cannot put a book down and it leaves you so incredibly moved and motivated at it's finish. Karyn Garvin has bared her soul and spirit, allowed us to touch the heart of her bond with her first dog Erika and gifted us with her path of humanness and faith that makes her who she is today. She validates my love of animals, my challenge to always work to be the best human I can
be....to continue to seek and live my purpose and most important, keeping the faith. Thank you Karyn,
for through your story you make me know how I can be a better person."

- Kory Kogon, Leadership and Business Results Consultant


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Kathy A Francke
Thank you Karyn, for your incredible spiritual message!
Janeen L. Bianco-Splann
Divine Intervention!
I have never had a love relationship with a dog and still to this date remain agnostic at best, but Karyn Garvin helped me see that the relationship I have always longed for with a dog is possible and that a dog can be a vehicle to the Divine.
Even though Karyn is a professional dog trainer and animal behavior spe[BEEP]t, she never tries to “teach” the reader her lessons; they are simply a part of the world she describes. That’s why Dogs Do Go To Heaven! resonates so deeply. Karyn’s voice is trustingly authentic and compellingly honest. As you laugh and cry, you will realize the power of loving ourselves and loving our dogs.
Karyn is the reason I love this book. Her voice rings so clear that not only does she help me see the things she sees; she makes me feel the things she feels. Karyn carefully weaves the loss of Erikka into profound life lessons that sometimes can take a lifetime to learn.
As Erikka is dying, Karyn, for the first time in her life, hears a voice. No one else is in the room and the words were not Karyn’s words. The mystery and wonder of these words is why you want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens in, Dogs Do Go To Heaven!
Judith Crick
Karyn Garvin's book "Dogs do go to Heaven is a book which you can read in an hour but keep in your mind and heart for days. Her spiritual awakening is moving, as is her story in general.
Karyn tells a story of courage and strength..........and of a faith in God in the face of so many challenges in her life. It was a book I could not put down until I'd finished it. This story can provide comfort and inspiration to so many who need to believe that God does look out for us and love us and that he brings our pets to us and takes them each away for reason and purpose. Thank you, Karyn, for putting your story to paper.
this book is a must read for anyone young or old getting a dog. You can buy a dog and bring it home and train it and love it but not know the WHOLE reason for its being . Being in Your life. This books will hit you like a freight train because it is then that you will realize the you are in THEIR life and you better pay attention cuz if you do you will learn your true purpose in life . Thank you Karen for helping me get one step closer.
what an intresting book.It was Fantastic and Incredeble.
This is gem. I read Karyn Garvin's _Dogs Do Go to Heaven!_ in one day, mostly due to the frank writing style and the story's surprising twists and turns. I just had to know what would happen next. Garvin's prose is disarming. You feel like she is sitting next to you telling you about her life over coffee. She's clear-eyed, neither a self-identified victim nor a conquering hero. Her book exemplifies the kind of "humble courage" of living life that too rarely makes its way into print. Telling her story, she's just fully present and great at bringing that out on paper. Pets can teach humans to live life instead of hiding from themselves, and Garvin teaches these lessons by showing you how she came to learn them. It's really the story of someone who grows into her best self by keeping herself open to the world. I think I will be quoting Garvin a lot.

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