If someone were to have asked me,
"What would you most like to accomplish before you die?"

My answer would have been to share this story!



Debbie Allen, International Speaker & Marketing Mentor

"I loved this book! It shares the real life journey of an amazing woman who has the courage to be open about her life and those who shaped it. Karyn Garvin shares her heart-felt story with humor, honesty and joy. It's a must read!"

Read what Kory Kogan had to say ...

"It is a rare joy when you cannot put a book down and it leaves you so incredibly moved and motivated at it's finish. Karyn Garvin has bared her soul and spirit, allowed us to touch the heart of her bond with her first dog Erika and gifted us with her path of humanness and faith that makes her who she is today. She validates my love of animals, my challenge to always work to be the best human I can
be....to continue to seek and live my purpose and most important, keeping the faith. Thank you Karyn,
for through your story you make me know how I can be a better person."

- Kory Kogon, Leadership and Business Results Consultant


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